The Teen Friends of Archaeology is a youth-led organization committed to bringing the joy, love, and learning of archaeology to our generation.

Photograph North Palace at Masada, Israel

““To excavate is to open a book written in the language that the centuries have spoken into the earth.” 

― Spyridon Marinatos

Photograph of Machu Picchu, Peru

What We Do: 


The Teen Friends of Archaeology, based at the Cotsen Institute for Archaeology at UCLA, is an entirely teen-led, teen-organized group dedicated to connecting young fellow history enthusiasts to great resources—and each other.

So far, we’ve organized a number of online lectures from world-class experts, like Irving Finkel from the British Museum, Dr. Mary Miller from the Getty, and Dr. Willeke Wendrich, the head of the Cotsen, just to name a few.

Now, we’re hosting free, interactive talks in-person at the Cotsen Institute. We appreciate all of the young archaeology aficionados who made our last event such a success! More information on our approaching events can be found in the Upcoming Events page of this website.


We are also exploring opportunities for the Teen Friends to be a part of active archaeological expeditions in Southern California and elsewhere. So join up!